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Designed to help security leaders maximise their resources


For organisations that are looking for automated vulnerability intelligence to keep ahead of hackers and rising threats


  • Vulnerability Breach Risk Analysis & Ranking

  • Prioritised Remediation Recommendations

  • Patch Cycle & SLA Alignment

  • Cytidel’s Advanced Vulnerability Intelligence Platform

  • Trending Vulnerability Alerts

  • Zero-day Alerts

  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Monthly Patch Tuesday Report

Recommendation Accuracy

80-90% improved impact & efficiency


Business Context

Partial context


Simplified Remediation Steps

Generic action plan


Onboarding Time

3-4 weeks



For organisations who want to focus on the most critical risks for their businesses first, supported by vulnerability and threat intelligence specialists

Everything in Essentials, plus

  • Full Contextual Analysis and Prioritisation

  • Business Priority & Impact Analysis

  • Actionable Insights Plan

  • Key Revenue Streams & Material Impact Impact Analysis

  • Process Input & Improvement

  • Access to Cytidel CTI Team

  • Security Specialist Advisor

  • Monthly Check-ins

  • Executive Reporting 

  • Process Management

Recommendation Accuracy

> 95% improved impact & efficiency


Business Context

Rich context of critical processes & assets


Simplified Remediation Steps

Actionable, tailored insights


Onboarding Time

3-4 months


What our customers say

“Working with Cytidel has helped the Carne Group rank and prioritise what to do next in improving our security controls and posture. Cytidel are professional and expert in how they help build effective security controls and programs. They are passionate about information security, and it shows in the effective work they do.”

Eoin Oh’Eochaidh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Carne Group

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