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Identify your organisation’s most critical cyber risks

Automatically prioritise risks based on Cytidel Intelligence and Key Business Context to quickly reduce your breach risk


8 benefits organisations can get from adopting risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM)

Risk-based Vulnerability Management is a strategic way for organisations to identify, assess and prioritise vulnerabilities based on their potential impact. By focusing on the most critical risks first, businesses can optimise their security efforts...



Spend your time on the vulnerabilities that really matter

Consolidate your existing tools to get a complete view

Cytidel easily integrates with your existing security stack to provide a full inventory of all your assets and vulnerabilities.

Tailor the recommendations to your organisation

Improve the accuracy of risk recommendations by customising the tool to your business priorities, risk tolerance, key assets and stakeholders.

Focus on the highest impact risks for your organisation

Analyse each vulnerability in your organisation using business and vulnerability intelligence to give you a prioritised list of your most critical risks.

Move past generic risk scores and transform how you identify high-impact actions


Cytidel’s Risk Engine helps security teams identify the signal from the noise

Cytidel’s unique prioritisation engine ensures you are constantly addressing the most impactful actions to minimise your organisations breach risk.


Trusted by leading Irish companies


What our customers say

“Working with Cytidel has helped the Carne Group rank and prioritise what to do next in improving our security controls and posture. Cytidel are professional and expert in how they help build effective security controls and programs. They are passionate about information security, and it shows in the effective work they do.”

Eoin Oh’Eochaidh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Carne Group

Get a free diagnostic report

Get a free diagnostic report from one of your environments. Cytidel's Risk Prioritisation Engine will rank your vulnerabilities based on real-time breach risk intelligence, so you can begin to action what matters most. 

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