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Intelligent risk prioritisation that efficiently reduces cyber exposure

A risk and business-centric approach to vulnerability management, tailored to your organisation. Up to 95% more effective than traditional methods.


A faster, better way to reduce cyber risk

Keep ahead of rising threats

Cytidel keep you informed of the latest vulnerability threat intelligence with an advanced vulnerability intelligence database, weekly reports, and custom vendor and product alerts.

Trusted by leading Irish companies



Intelligent, actionable insights. Tailored to your business


Move past generic risk scores and transform how you identify high-impact actions


What our customers say

“Working with Cytidel has helped the Carne Group rank and prioritise what to do next in improving our security controls and posture. Cytidel are professional and expert in how they help build effective security controls and programs. They are passionate about information security, and it shows in the effective work they do.”

Eoin Oh’Eochaidh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Carne Group


Intelligence to make cyber risk easy for the entire organisation

Security Leaders

  • Actionable insights to help you address critical risks first.

  • Automatically contextualise and categorise risks you are exposed to, with tailored recommendations set to your risk tolerance, patch cycles, and SLAs.

  • The reassurance of having an extended security team that has your back and helps you continuously improve your security posture.

Get a free diagnostic report

Get a free diagnostic report from one of your environments. Cytidel's Risk Prioritisation Engine will rank your vulnerabilities based on real-time breach risk intelligence, so you can begin to action what matters most. 

We'll be back to you within 48 hours.

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