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Save Time.
Stay Secure.
Reduce Breaches.


How We Help

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What to Fix First

Vulnerability Management is hard. We know this. Hackers are getting faster and the sea of new vulnerabilities to patch is ever growing.

We help companies enhance their vulnerability management capability through the adoption of Cyber Threat Intelligence.


Cut Breach Risk

Adopting a risk-based approach to vulnerability management leads to 80% fewer breaches.

We provide the tools, methods, and skill sets to adopt a risk-based approach to vulnerability management and predict the vulnerabilities most likely to lead to a breach.

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Save Time

Trying to patch every vulnerability can feel like trying to boil the ocean! Significant time is spent researching, reporting, and validating vulnerabilities.

We help you identify the vulnerabilities with the greatest risk footprint, enabling you to focus your efforts and cut the time spent  managing vulnerabilities in half.

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Cytidel was born out of frustration with the inefficiencies in vulnerability management, the challenges with reporting, the difficulty with prioritising patches, and the constant wave of new threats and vulnerabilities consuming time from the security team.

We've been there, and we know the pain.

We are dedicated to monitoring the global threat landscape and supporting our clients, ensuring our clients can prioritise the patches that matter most, measure risk with context to the organisation, and cut the time required for vulnerability management by up to 50%.


We Work With

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