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Increase the


of your IT Security team

Cytidel is a cyber threat intelligence platform for IT Security teams who want to reduce their breach risk and financial exposure by focusing on the vulnerabilities that pose them the greatest risk.

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Join other organisations who are reducing their breach risk with Cytidel’s vulnerability management

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What we do

Our mission is to give IT Security Professionals an easy night’s sleep.


Get clear visibility of the vulnerabilities that matter most to your organisation.

Gain visibility and understanding of the risks posed by a vulnerability, and prioritise remediation of the ones that pose the greatest impact to the organisation. Cytidel does this using the latest threat intelligence and context of your organisation’s exposure.


Reduce the time spent researching and contextualising vulnerabilities

Cytidel helps your organisation to avoid prioritising vulnerabilities by CVSS only, so that you don’t waste time researching, understanding and fixing vulnerabilities with a high CVSS yet a low risk to your organisation.

Continuously improve your organisation’s risk and financial exposure

Cytidel rates vulnerabilities based on the latest threat intelligence, context of the vulnerable asset, and risk tolerance of the organisation. This helps security teams to understand the financial impact of a vulnerability being exploited, and enables data driven decisions on resource prioritisation.

Enhance the insights gained from your existing security stack

Cytidel integrates with your existing security toolsets to understand the overall risk exposure of your organisation, and prioritise remediation efforts. There’s no need to install new software, deploy new technologies, or build new servers. It’s that simple.

What our client's say

“Working with Cytidel has helped the Carne Group rank and prioritise what to do next in improving our security controls and posture. Cytidel are professional and expert in how they help build effective security controls and programs. They are passionate about information security, and it shows in the effective work they do.”

Eoin Oh’Eochaidh – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Carne Group

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